To be sensitive


… everyday is a heart attack.

… you can get violently shaken by some random small things, like .. a nasty virus.

… pain becomes your frequent friend, yet you never seem to get comfy with it. You learn that you should not be so scared of pain, that most of the time it’s rather benign and you don’t need to avoid it at all cost. Because it’s not possible.

… making a decision is difficult. Making a decision that hurt or upset others is 100 times more difficult even though it hurts or upsets you otherwise.

… you become your own psycho-therapist.

… you need learn to draw a HARD line when it’s enough for you. That you have to stop to prioritize other’s feelings over yours.

… taking a silent alone walk, even though it’s short, even though it’s just around the house, helps to calm you down.

… fresh air and being outdoor, during stress, calm you down and put your feet back on the ground.

… your psyche are layered like an onion. You can shut down one layer which is getting overwhelmed and put another layer into use to help the layer in need.

… there is a conflict between what you like (withdraw) and to be alive (being with others).

… there is always the next problem to catch your attention and rob your energy before you’re done with this current one.








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