My husband

is a life-saver.

….. which means that when there’s no need for killing tigers and bears, preventing 3rd World War or saving the planet, he struggles.

He doesn’t know what to say to people at the coffee machine,

He doesn’t drive, nor know some football players’ names, so he has nothing to brag during lunch time.

He hates business meetings where he just sits there, bored, and sleepy like a big fly on the wall, making his boss feel bad about himself for torturing his employees.

You know, all the stuffs which normal people do to make themselves shiny, on the daily basis.

Oh, and he doesn’t even drink coffee.

I mean, the extraordinary suck at the ordinary stuffs.

Unfortunately, most of life’s moments belong to the second category. The ordinary, boring, trivial, stupid things which we anyway have to cope with.

It took me several years to realize and come to terms with him.

Before i met him, i pictured my marriage life would be: both of us go to work, both of us cook, clean at home, ice-cream on Saturday, all duties divided equally, in short everything together. Together is the key word.

It was not like that at all.

I was shocked, disappointed, sceptical, brainwashed, convinced, believing, accepting, and sometimes even proud … I mean relationship for me is a richness of emotions and realization, not just love, love, love. Being in a relationship for me is enough of adrenalin, no need for a role-coaster.

Relationship with an extraordinary guy is even more.

I learn that there are basically 2 kinds of husbands:

– Type 1: the one who cooks, does the dishes, changes diaper, feeds the kids, mops the floor, etc. i mean those who run perfectly the daily routines, and insist that everything should look neat and nice no matter what. But when crisis knocks at your door, or it calls for strategical decisions, they are either unreasonable, or copy what others are doing (because if all around is doing the same it has to be the best choice), or simply, I don’t care, as you wish.

– Type 2: the ones who hardly fit into the social life at all, who doesn’t know where’s sugar in the house, and ‘my baby still uses diaper, really?’ But he thinks when others don’t. He has some weird ideas which turn out 15 years later to be true, and he’s willing to give up his social life – where he’s anyway out of place, for you.

Of course there are husbands who suck at everything, and utopian husbands who are good at everything. But these i don’t count.

The extraordinary husband (i.e. type 2) unconsciously seeks for the situations he feels most comfortable with. So he possesses the amazing ability to turn a normal peaceful routine life into life-threatening situations and living with him you also get a share of steep up and down curves.

Probably i’m not living life of others so i’m a bit subjective here. When i look at people around, they just every day go to work in the morning, home in afternoon, watch Tv in evening, always with well make up, and never seen with bulky shopping bags. I don’t see the silent wars they’re fighting everyday. I’ve been wondering which type of husband is to have. And it’s tempting to jump to an hard and fast answer. But maybe the answer is: what type of personality are you?


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