About academic

One of the best decisions i made for myself is stopping to be an academic person, at least formally.

Got reminded about this by skimming thru a conversation between my hubby and a PhD-or-so guy on Fb about refugees. His answer made me almost vomit.

Thinking back of my Master study, one of my principles was: if i browse an article /book/ paper for half a page and couldn’t make head or tail whatsoever is being written there, it means it’s just not worth reading. Seriously, if you are a responsible writer, you should bother enough to write in human-readable way. If not, either you are just a snobbish guy who cares more of making oh-i’m-so-fuckingly-PhD-impression, or you’re simply afraid if people really get what you mean, they’d slap you square in the face for being so idiotic.

I’m constantly amazed if academic people really have something to say, why don’t they just say it in a simple way enough that anyone can understand. It should, in fact, be an academic requirement, to prevent someone just trying to sell some elaborated cherry-topping, cream frosting shit. Isn’t it shooting in your own foot if you have great ideas but fail to communicate them. I’m sure, more often than not, such papers got published because noone got what’s going on but if it SOUNDS so complicated it must be so intellectually erudite beyond comprehensible level, which deserves publishing. That’s why many academic papers are written just to be covered with dust on the shelves. What a wasteful and meaningless way to spend some years of your life doing research that noone understand and noone will use.

But still it is the better option. Since noone really understand what the crap is being written, bad-willed politicians can twist so-called academic research to serve their propaganda, fooling people that some murderous social experiment are ‘scientifically proven’.

Simply, use small words to say great ideas, not vice versa.




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