Norwegian salute

Nhim and Celina were in the playground last Monday. There were 2 boys and in no time i heard ‘ I don’t like girls’ play’. I saw the 2 girls clearly formed a ‘gang vs gang’ against the boys, which was rather funny to see.

The girls saw the boys as challenging and hostile, but at the same time attracting, so they keep coming back to face them. The girls concluded these boys are naughty and ‘rubbish’.

When the last boy was fetch by his mum and leaving, Celina called ‘Goodbye’ to him. Nhim didn’t. Clearly she felt this boy was not worth salutting. Celina asked Nhim: say goodbye, you too. Nhim shook head. Celina said: at least to his mother.

I’m thinking: what? She’s only 5 years old and already so typically Norwegian. If someone is not nice to you, what do you say?

‘Hey Joe, you’ve been an asshole. Fuck you.’


‘Joe, it was not perfectly nice what you did, but I love you no matter what.’

The Norwegian way, so round, so civilized and so self-destructive.

I’d prefer my child to be asocial, and rude rather than not being able to recognize and respect her own emotion. For her own psychological and personality health.

That’s what i dislike about the Norwegian, you stop to know what’s good or bad, right or wrong as long as they look all nice and polite.


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